Saturday, July 2, 2011


After searching and searching through magazines to find something I could copy for Debbie’s  Magazine Copycat Challenge, I came up brain dead challenged and empty handed.    And she really had me going upon throwing down the gauntlet with that “No Guts, No Glory” thing.  I felt so embarrassed.  Then suddenly, tonight (at the last minute) I remembered  a copycat creation by the  very talented Shannon of  Vintage Sparkle Chic.  Unable to reach her,  this post will Feature Her!

So, here it is:
Look what she created! 

This is the inspiration picture that she took with her camera phone!

Isn’t she a Fabulous Copycat!   Please stop by to see her  in real  Blog Life and leave her a comment or  compliment.  After all, it is her creation!

Sure  hope we can enter in absentia  for another blogger. 

Until next time, Honey
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  1. She's done an awesome job. It's colorful and I love the bird house.


  2. It is almost exact!
    Love it.
    Would love to have it in my yard actually.
    Have a great 4th!

  3. ........I have the barrel, I have the birdhouse and I definitely have the flowers........I feel a copy-cat moment coming on.

  4. This is wonderful. So glad you featured this and joined. I guess the no guts no glory worked for at least a few LOL. Thanks so much. I love it. I will do this again.

  5. Such a sweetie to enter vicariously through your friend! Won't she be surprised?!

  6. It's great! Have a happy 4th.

    Susan and Bentley

  7. She did an amazing job! What a sweet friend you are to highlight her project! Thanks for sharing.

  8. It came out just like the magazine pic! Love it!!

  9. Thank you so much, Honey! I will have to show newer pictures, I have added more flowers (of course!). I just couldn't help myself :) Suprise, suprise! Love it!


  10. How precious...I love anything with birdhouses...This idea is awesome!

  11. That is a great look and almost exact copy. She did such a great job. I would love this in my yard.

  12. Summery, colorful and ready for a bird family to move right in!
    xo Cathy

  13. She did a wonderful job copying the planter and birdhouse. Too cute!

  14. I think it's great you featured Shannon! Her project is almost identical to the inspiration. It's always wonderful when bloggers take the time to show off another's talent! So glad you shared her with all of us!


  15. She did it exactly! Honey, I tell you I just cannot keep up with all these parties myself no matter how wonderful each and every host is! hugs♥O

  16. How great she did..I love it.
    Now, Honey girl, this challenge is going to be a monthly thing, I think..sooo, how fun is that. Start looking for a great photo to copy...I already have found one and am going to work on it after the holiday.
    Have a good one...
    xo bj

  17. wow, she did a great job! It is so cute!


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