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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nannette & Babbette Make Giveaway Announcement


      Hi!!    We are the French Sisters  (we know, this set up makes us look Victorian)  and are here to make a little Announcement today.


First, we need to introduce ourselves:  I’m  Nannette (the tall one),   and I’m Babbette  (the sexy one…I sure wish she would get this flower out of my face!)

We  are working girls (not THAT kind)  and have been models all our  lives.   We live in a guest room at Honey’s,  and we could tell you a few things about her,  but she is only letting us Guest Blog today if we promise to stay on subject.  

So,  We are here to Announce that she is having a


Honey is giving away a $30.00  Gift Card to either:




It’s the Winner’s Choice.

Rules are Simple  (We love that about her)

1.     Be a Follower

2.   Leave a Comment  (Boy, does she ever Love Comments.  Gets down right Giddy over them)

3.  If you want to,  you can Blog about Us  (Sorry, she’s not smart enough to make a button)

It’s that simple.  Leave a comment for each, please.  Entries are accepted through January 30  and the Winner will be announced on February 1.

OK.   We hope that works for everyone and we will be back as soon as we can get our hands back on this computer.

Hugs, Nanette & Babbette

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