Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Little Romance

A Full Moon occurred in October while we were in Quebec City.   My husband, being the romantic he is, called me out onto the balcony to view the moon just as another cruise ship was sailing.  It was quite a stunning site and I was able to catch this picture (remember, it’s just a point and shoot).
   New England, Canada 10-10 351 (2)
  Forward to December,  this little story does not include pictures as my hands were full of pie crusts when it occurred.   As you know the Winter Solstice and an Eclipse both  occurred  in the early morning on December 21,  a rare occurrence. 
Tuesday night my husband called me to look at the moon with him.   It was Full,  Huge and Brilliant !!   A real beauty to behold.   He was so  sweet to share this moment with me…….even if he was calling me from his car on the way to his regular Tuesday night poker game.
What a romantic!

...Until next time, Honey


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