Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Love: The Birds & The Bees & The Flowers...

Even though Labor Day usually marks the end of Summer, it is still Summer here at 2805.
Though very hot, it's nice compared to last year.
The flowers have thrived.

The hibiscus bloomed daily

The ferns survived

It's been a somewhat pleasant Summer, as Summers go, as long as you are in the shade 

Or around the table

With the wind chimes, chiming,

The sound of water in the fountain,

The happy sound of children (my sister's grand babies) laughing and splashing in the pool

Then there are the cute critters:

 The birds

 And the bees,

The elusive butterfly.  I can never catch the big ones!


And of course, the geckos, who sometime come indoors.

 They play and they multiply. (Beware of National Geographic type picture!)

Ah, Summer love.

...Until next time, Honey

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  1. Honey, your plants look great! Ours are still holding on, as well! The pool looks so refreshing, especially with these 100 degree days. These are great photos!

  2. Wow! Your flowers and your pictures are GORGEOUS! My poor plants kicked the bucket a few weeks ago. I don't know about you, but as nice as summer has been...I'm ready for fall!

  3. Great photography of plants, animals and kids!

  4. What fantastic photos! I love all of them. Your flowers look beautiful and such adorable children. xo

  5. Yes we spent lots of time in grandma's pool too. Your yard looks lovely. It survived the summer well.

  6. I love your photo's of the children, and the first flower is a true beauty...looks like we both have come across the same type of frog too! LOL!
    Very nice...

  7. The lizards are wonderful. I love your fountain Honey. I am glad summer is drawing to a close.

  8. Beautiful photos, Honey. The kids are adorable. It was hot here too. I'm looking forward to Fall.

  9. Honey this was a great tribute to summer. Love all the photos!! Oh those Geckos! :) hugs, Linda

  10. Summer looks just beautiful there, Honey! Lovely photos! My kids had many pet geckos over the years...we would get crickets from the pet store to feed them...seems like the crickets were always escaping in the house lol!

  11. I'm so glad you have loved your summer and the photos are terrific! But, really, a little privacy for the lovers! ~ Maureen

  12. That is just funny....when I was in Florida this past spring...there was "stuff" going on all over...I have tons of pictures for National Geographic!!!

  13. Your photos are lovely and I'm glad you enjoyed the summer. It was just too hot and humid for me. I'm looking forward to fall.

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  15. Love this summertime post! I am not ready for fall.

  16. That's a lovely summer post, beautiful pictures!

  17. What a beautiful tribute to summer ... love all of your amazing pictures! It's hard to believe that it's just about over, isn't it? Thanks for sharing!

  18. Great sdummer pictures. The flowers are still beautiful. Ours have had it. Love the kids playing in the pool.


  19. Looks like things are good there although hot. Summer fun for sure. Love your sitting spot...I can just imagine sitting there and sipping a cold glass of ice tea or lemonade. Very nice.

  20. Your plants still look so pretty! Mine are about done after he hot weather we have been having. Your pictures are just gorgeous!

  21. Your flowers are beautiful, Honey. Love the way you captured nature in your lovely photos.
    Mary Alice

  22. Lucky you having such gorgeous flowers, Honey! After our hot, dry summer - mine are just about done and looking pretty bedraggled even though I watered the dickins out of them. Love the summer romance photos of your geckos. lolol! I found a salamander in my basement once and just about freaked out!

    xoxo laurie


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