Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Happy Dance

Whoa, where did July go?  Like life, the days 

have passed so quickly!  I recently returned from 

an extended  blog break and the "welcome back" 

was heart-warming. 

In July,  Angie at  Knick of Time Interiors 

featured  my A Little 

Red, White and Blue post! 

Many thanks, Angie!

  I was recently awarded the Sunshine Award by 

two very creative bloggers, Barbara of

21 Rosemary Lane and 

Dolly, of Dolly is Cooking

 Now, I happen to think that

both of these sweet ladies a rays of sunshine! 
appreciate the award and accept with gratitude. 

Each of these ladies presented me with a set of 
 questions to answer and each set was a little 
I'll try to answer some of their's and maybe throw
in a couple of other things about myself.  

1.  My favorite color is red!
2.  I'm not good at Facebook or Twitter.
3.  Movies or Books:  I'm a reader!
4.  I'm married to one of my high school sweetheart!  
Just kidding, sweetie!  You were the only one!
5.  I'm a totally recovered brick and mortar store owner.
6.  I'm an excellent  listener.  Seriously, you hear
a lot of good horror stories in the retail business. 
I could write a book!
7.  I'm really a brunette under all these highlights!
8.  That's it for now.  A  girl  (all women are "girls" in the   
South) has to maintain some mystery.

Thank you ladies for  the honor and allowing me 
to play along.  I have decided to pass the award along 
to all of  you, since you are all  
rays of sunshine and  inspire me daily!

Until next time, Honey 


  1. Congratulations on the award! It's always fun to learn a little more about our blogging friends.
    Have a great day!


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