Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It’s “Cloche” to Impossible

Sometimes it’s  just  “Cloche”  to  Impossible to get the pictures you really want,  especially when your  decorative elements are misbehaving.  They sometimes talk to me and I have been known to return the favor  (could that be a decorating disorder?).  Sure, tell the truth, You have all heard it before:
The Light is in my Eyes
2805 Cloche 091
He’s touching Me
2805 Cloche 031
Where did the Big Guy come From?
2805 Cloche 084
Let’s go be by Ourselves
Look, Mom, I’m Standing on my Head
2805 Cloche 065
So, like the mean ole Stepmother in Cinderella,  they were sent them to
bed without their supper.
As you can tell,  I’m not taking myself too seriously today.
But, here’s One thing that can always be counted on to look Pretty!

Until next time,  Honey


  1. Honey,
    Congratulations! You have won my blog giveaway!
    I haven't figured out how to contact people on "Default email client", so just let me know where to send your win at mrsshv@aol.com and I'll get your packagekjk on its way.

  2. I think your cloches are beautiful!! I still haven't figured out all the dials on my camera. Hmmm, maybe next year!

  3. Thank you for stopping by Mommahens coop! Glad to have you!

  4. Hi Honey! I'm so glad you decided to link this up to the party! It is so funny and I always say "hello old friends" when I pull out my decorations and imagine the old-timers warily eyeing the newcomers. We must be kindred spirits! :-)
    Merry Christmas,

  5. Lovely window! So glad you could stop by!


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