Saturday, November 6, 2010

Come Fly With Me

        Before we took off …….

New England, Canada 10-10 064

On the trip to New England and Canada, which included an 11-day cruise which was so cheap inexpensive I can’t even tell you.  If I did you might think I was lying, and I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot.  So, before we took off…..
New England, Canada 10-10 085 

Did I tell you that this trip was only booked 6 days before we left?
New England, Canada 10-10 066 (2)
Anyway,  before we flew off….
New England, Canada 10-10 067

I only had a bare minimum of time to arrange
some Fall florals……
fall 017
               On top of the Armoire
fall 005
               Fuss with the Mantel 
fall 013

Take an old grapevine wreath,  a half-price garland and a few gourds, berries,
fall 037
Pumpkins, pinecones and leaves from my stash,
fall 038
and create this
           Wreath for my Front Porch…..
fall 045

On my return,  I might have been tempted to call  it a day,  but it’s my year to host Thanksgiving Day.   My two sisters and I rotate and I expect 25-30 people.  But instead of immediately washing, cleaning and completing my decorating,  I had something more  IMPORTANT  to do.   What could possibly be more important than chores and décor you might ask.  Take a look  to see just what it was that just couldn’t wait.   (It was only on Monday, so it won’t take long to check out.)   Oh well, there’s always next week.
Until next time,  Honey


  1. Dear Honey
    Thanks for popping by but I can't see your name on my list of followers - maybe you're doing it a different way!!!
    Oh WOW your decorations are awesome - I'm very impressed. Do you preserve the gourds somehow??
    It all looks so pretty and your wreath is truly beautiful.
    I would like to do something lovely for the weeks leading up to Christmas - we will be at the beach for actual Christmas this year.
    I take my hat off to you American gals - you know how to decorate!!!
    Thanks Honey for the camera info - mine is 10 also.
    Take care

  2. It's me again!!! All sorted my end now, the fact the blogs I follow (on the R/H side of my blog) to alert me you had made a new post. I've checked into the depths of my blogger dashboard and 2805 is definitely there!!!
    I got confused #@*%)^ nothing to do with you at all!!!!!

  3. Those are some great creations! But most of all I love the veiw from the plane!

  4. I tried to comment on your other posts and it wouldn't let me. Anyway, I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Keep up the great work Ÿ


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