Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Color of the Year

 Benjamin Moore’s 2012  Color of the Year  is Wythe Blue (HC-143)    They describe it as   “a beautiful, calming hue that has an element of heritage that offers grounding rootedness, providing comfort and stability”   (Side note:  what is grounding rootedness?   I digress.)

It’s actually a color already in their Historic Collection.   A blue green hue with a cool gray cast to it .  Blue is a classic color, reminding us of the sea and sky,  has  universal appeal  usually rates high as a color favorite.  I find  this hue to be 
soothing and restful.

Along with Wythe Blue, they created a color palette to compliment it, including Sharkskin.  The palette is called appropriately called  Earth and Sky.

Sharkskin  2139-30

Below is a dining room treated to two different  looks, each
 using colors in the Earth and Sky palette.

The company created  a collection of four separate 
color trend palettes for 2012.

Spiced Life
A palette of well-seasoned hues that offer a refined perspective

Sense & Sensibility
Timeless colors that make an established home feel contemporary and a new one a little more worldly.

Earth & Sky
Nature's hues unite for a style-savvy palette that transcends organic roots.

Eclectic Elegance
This diverse palette offers a clean, tailored look that works well with any decor.

For more information, see here where you can view  three more rooms with two different looks using the colors of each of the other palettes.   All  images are from

Pantone’s Color of the Year, Tango Tangerine was featured here.   Now, tell me what you think about this   
Color of the Year.

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  1. What a gorgeous color Wythe blue is. Would look great in a bedroom, as well!

  2. Now, those are colors I could definitely get used to!

  3. Honey this one is my favorite. I love the Earth and Sky collection best. Is it okay if I link over to your post here tomorrow? Yours is more comprehensive than mine.


  4. Fabulous color! I like the 'sense and sensibility' color grouping too!

  5. What calm peaceful colors. I want to paint my kitchen so badly, but then where do I stop since it opens to the breakfast room which opens to the family room which opens to the foyer.

  6. I just wrote this color down in my notes-Wythe Blue. It sounds so Virginian!

  7. Love it! I am still in the paint everything white mode..... I guess I'm needing to add some color now lol

  8. Honey, I love the blue...very calm and soothing.

  9. Wythe Blue is so pretty and calming, but I'm really in love with that Sharkskin particularly with the green stenciling! And with a name like sharkskin, I'm pretty sure the boys would be on board. Thanks for sharing.

  10. That blue looks like the colour I came up with last summer when I was mixing a dark turquoisey green with white! I LOVE it.

  11. Oh, the blues are so comforting! Wythe serene.

  12. I love my earth tones and Tuscan colors. I am a fire sign so I love my orange, gold, reds, wines you name it. Also love purple. Despise gray in the home (only love my gray and white birdie) and could never really live in an all white home unless I had a live in housekeeper as I would be afraid to do anything! Tangerine, bring it on. xo

  13. I love that color! I also love the olive on that palette.

  14. Go figure!! I just painted the bedroom HC- 142 - Stratton blue. I always have been half a color off! LOL!! Actually, I needed something with a tad more green! Thanks for showing alternatives to "Tangerine". I am trying to warm up to it!

  15. That is a gorgeous color. A really beautiful shade of blue. I like the color palette of earth and sky. Tangerine tango is a great color too, I love that shade with turquoise.

  16. I love that Sharkskin! Loving all the grays I see in blogland.

  17. This post is a great resource, Honey. Thanks for doing it! ~Zuni

  18. Great, now I want to paint my whole house over.....

  19. Love the two colors you have featured! Beautiful and serene! Thanks for sharing these!

  20. I love this color! It would make a beautiful color for a covered porch ceiling!

  21. This is great! Whether I ever plan to use them or not I love seeing paint colors coordinated. I have saved a page a month from Better Homes and Gardens' featured paint colors and have them in a notebook. I may just use them in a blog post!

  22. I love the feeling I get seeing that pretty blue pictured here. I painted my dining room a bluish grey and the bottom white. I love it. I read a while back that blue was not a color for dining rooms, I never did research to see why but it's the color for me. I like you blog and am now a follower.

  23. Wow! so calm.

    How I wish I could have that dining room (in my dreams) §;-)

    Hope you visit my blog so you can be aware of what happen on March.

    Happy TS...

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  24. Grounding rootedness: something that is really really really stuck in place and never ever moving no matter what color you paint it!


  25. Honey, before I even saw this post I had just got back from buying a gallon of this color. I did not know it was their color of the year. How about that.

  26. The colors are looks so NEAT and CLEAN.....

    I have something for you Please stop by my page and accept the award....


  27. Oh, I just love these colors, particularly in a formal dining room. The Wythe blue is so pretty and calming too.

  28. This color screams "calm down and relax" . So soothing for a bathroom.

  29. I love Wythe blue - such a gorgeous colour. I had to laugh that the palette I liked best at the end of your post is Sense and Sensibility, which seems to fit given the name of my blog ;)

  30. This blue is absolutely gorgeous! The earth and sky palette is my favorite! I'm your newest follower!

  31. ooooooh, i love sharkskin and stardust. omg yum! visiting via french country cottage.

    would love to have you stop over to my kate spade giveaway!



  32. I could do this in my master bath...very pretty!



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