Friday, December 31, 2010

My Sisters and I…


My Sisters and I



(I’m the CUTE one!!)

Wish you a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Fulfilling



May God Bless You Richly in all Things


Until Next Year,

Hugs,  Honey




Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Day Wedding Anniversary

My Great-Grandparents were Married  107 years ago on
 Christmas Day,   December 25,  1893.

Just as today, White was the popular choice for weddings; however
some brides, especially the frontier and pioneer brides, wore
dark dresses that were more practical and could be worn
after the wedding.   The dark  wedding dresses  were fashionable
 for the day,  and  little alteration was needed for the Dress
to be perfect to wear again.


Gottlieb and Carolina (Lina)
Hugs, Honey

A Little Romance

A Full Moon occurred in October while we were in Quebec City.   My husband, being the romantic he is, called me out onto the balcony to view the moon just as another cruise ship was sailing.  It was quite a stunning site and I was able to catch this picture (remember, it’s just a point and shoot).
   New England, Canada 10-10 351 (2)
  Forward to December,  this little story does not include pictures as my hands were full of pie crusts when it occurred.   As you know the Winter Solstice and an Eclipse both  occurred  in the early morning on December 21,  a rare occurrence. 
Tuesday night my husband called me to look at the moon with him.   It was Full,  Huge and Brilliant !!   A real beauty to behold.   He was so  sweet to share this moment with me…….even if he was calling me from his car on the way to his regular Tuesday night poker game.
What a romantic!

...Until next time, Honey

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I’ve been Featured….Twice!

Last week I was feeling a bit  Overwhelmed,  thinking
that  maybe this
venture into the blog world should have been done at a
slower time of the year.
Frankly,  I’m finding in hard to keep up!
Then within one week, two special  friends
Delighted and Uplifted me by
Featuring me on their blogs.  It was truly a Special Surprise.

Sweet Vanessa at Southern in my Heart
(and she truly isSouthern in her heart) 
has her very own  Christmas Story to tell. 
Don’t miss her story about a Special Wish that came true.
Vanessa kindly  featured my Berry Glitzy Mantle.


The lovely and talented Courtney of French Country Cottage
recently shared a Sweet Story about suffering the loss of someone
very dear to her.
  It’s one that will bring tears to your eyes, but there is still 
 Joy to be found. 
Courtney was so kind to feature my Tree and Armoire.

Tree 032

to have met these two wonderful ladies, as well as  ALL of the
women who have welcomed me with open arms,  offered their  friendship
and showered me with comments, compliments and encouragement. 
You are ALL  indeed special  CHRISTMAS  GIFTS   to me.
Lots of Hugs,  Honey

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa’s Bag


Come in…I want to ask you a question.


Up Here.

12-14-10 Santa

What do you think?  Now tell me the Truth

018 (2)

Does this make by backside look big?



I plan to attend the following Parties this week.  Please stop by,  have some Fun and be sure to Thank these Gracious Hostesses!!

A Stroll Thru Life

Savvy Southern Style

No Minimalist Here

A Little Lovely

Hugs,   Honey

It’s “Cloche” to Impossible

Sometimes it’s  just  “Cloche”  to  Impossible to get the pictures you really want,  especially when your  decorative elements are misbehaving.  They sometimes talk to me and I have been known to return the favor  (could that be a decorating disorder?).  Sure, tell the truth, You have all heard it before:
The Light is in my Eyes
2805 Cloche 091
He’s touching Me
2805 Cloche 031
Where did the Big Guy come From?
2805 Cloche 084
Let’s go be by Ourselves
Look, Mom, I’m Standing on my Head
2805 Cloche 065
So, like the mean ole Stepmother in Cinderella,  they were sent them to
bed without their supper.
As you can tell,  I’m not taking myself too seriously today.
But, here’s One thing that can always be counted on to look Pretty!

Until next time,  Honey

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

“O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum”

“O   Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum”
My Grandmother  always sang this song in German when she   
was in the Christmas Spirit,
Which didn’t always have to be at Christmas. 
So this time of year,  I find myself humming this song
(Humming since I can’t carry a tune and don’t know the words, 
especially Not in German.)
With this song in my head, our tannenbaum is decorated.

Tree 039
The ornaments are old.

Victorian  Carolers &  Skaters,
 Tree 063
Tree 053 - Copy
Horse  drawn Vehicles, an Auto
(all of which have working wheels).
Tree 069
Tree 071 - Copy
A selection of little Shops and
Red and Green Books with actual pages.
Tree 072
Topped off with a Big,  Red  Bow
Tree 043
These timeless little treasures work well together, especially
Since the Tree is at Home near my antique
Grand Piano.
Tree 013
Reflected in an Armoire
Tree 032
With lights,
Or  without…
Tree 007
My heart sings  “O Tannnenbaum”
page 8page

          Please check the buttons on the sidebar for the PARTIES  I plan to attend this week.   Stop by,  have some fun, and be sure to Thank these Gracious Hostesses!!
 ....until next time,  Honey

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mantel Mania Turns Berry Glitzy

True to my promise last month when beginning my Blog, 
 I have been doing
 far more Blog Reading than Blogging.  
 As a result,  someone is behind the
 curve in a number of areas,
especially   laundry, dusting  Holiday Decorating. 

And the pictures:  OH the AGONY.   My living room
 has lots ofwindows, thus lots a light which is nice
except when it is reflecting
off mirrors,  shiny paneled walls,  glitter, and even
 the limestone floors in part of the room.
 Using old elements the Mantel has turned 

Berry Florals
Double sided Burgundy and reflective (of course) Gold Ribbon

holiday mantel 010

holiday mantel 014
And two new Reindeer (50% off from Hobby Lobby)
Candlesticks with Glitter covered   Candles
(reflective and standing out like a sore thumb)

Of course it is my thought that all these reflections
 may mean that
Santa should bring me a new, more difficult to operate camera!
Or, perhaps I should open my Photoshop program and
learn some helpful techniques.
See  the Fall Mantle.

I plan to be a PARTY GIRL this week.  Hope you will visit the following  gracious ladies’ Blogs.

...until next time, Honey

Apothecary Jars & Dried Botanicals

This Fall my Apothecary Jars have been filled with dried botanicals, adding
  great natural color and elements, and have been living comfortably on
my Living Room coffee table.

They are filled with dried Orange Slices,  dried Pomegranates
and a Flower that I momentarily cannot remember the name of
(this is admitted in the name of transparency).
 I have considered moving them, but enjoy the naturalness
of them, so will leave them alone for the time being.

I want to say a special   “THANK YOU”  to Marty at
A Stroll Thru Life  for mentioning me as “new blogger eye candy”   and
including a link to my blog with picture on her post.
This gesture is so appreciated and it’s exciting to be mentioned and recognized.
Be sure to say a special prayer for Marty, her Family and her Mother-in-Law
at this difficult time.

 Linking to:

My  MANTEL post will be next.  Hope you will come back.

....Until next time,   Honey


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