Tuesday, December 7, 2010

“O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum”

“O   Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum”
My Grandmother  always sang this song in German when she   
was in the Christmas Spirit,
Which didn’t always have to be at Christmas. 
So this time of year,  I find myself humming this song
(Humming since I can’t carry a tune and don’t know the words, 
especially Not in German.)
With this song in my head, our tannenbaum is decorated.

Tree 039
The ornaments are old.

Victorian  Carolers &  Skaters,
 Tree 063
Tree 053 - Copy
Horse  drawn Vehicles, an Auto
(all of which have working wheels).
Tree 069
Tree 071 - Copy
A selection of little Shops and
Red and Green Books with actual pages.
Tree 072
Topped off with a Big,  Red  Bow
Tree 043
These timeless little treasures work well together, especially
Since the Tree is at Home near my antique
Grand Piano.
Tree 013
Reflected in an Armoire
Tree 032
With lights,
Or  without…
Tree 007
My heart sings  “O Tannnenbaum”
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 ....until next time,  Honey


  1. Wow, I love each and every ornament! What a stunning tree! Lezlee

  2. What a lovely tree. And fabulous piano!! I enjoyed seeing your room!!

  3. Everything looks so beautiful! I think my favorite photo is the one with the grand piano in the background! You have a lovely home!

  4. How beautiful and the whole room is so inviting and festive. Love that armoire. Thanks so much for joining the party.

  5. Welcome to blogging, so wonderful to meet you!
    I love your tree and the grand piano and chandi in the background is fabulous!
    Thanks for linking up, Merry Christmas!

  6. Thank you for joining up to my little tree party. YOur tannenbaum looks really pretty.
    Welcome to the blogging world!
    My French Country Home

  7. Your tree is so pretty! Love all the old ornaments. Your home is lovely...right out of a magazine!
    When we were stationed in Miami, for the Christmas program in military housing for the kids they were all taught O Tannenbaum in German. It was really cool! That was 20 some years ago and mine still remeber parts of it.
    Happy Holidays!

  8. Hello Honey! Thanks for stopping by my blog! YOUR tree is stunning!!! Your home looks like someting out of a Victorian Bed and Breakfast. Love it. Those vintage ornaments make me swoon. So precious!!!

  9. Well hello! Thanks for stopping by and following. I'll be doing the same! Beautiful pictures... your home looks fabulous. Love the photo with the reflection in the hutch!

  10. This looks like it is out of a magazine!! Thank you for your visit and friendship!I'm a new follower :)

  11. Gorgeous....your tree and home are both fantastic...the chandy above your piano looks so beautiful!!!

  12. Thank you! Your home is stunning! And I am lovin' that awesome bow topping your tree and your gorgeous tree skirt!! I'm following you, too! =)

  13. You're hope is very lovely - thank you for the beautiful tour.

    I'm a new follower from All Things Merry & Bright blog hop...please come by & say "Hello" sometime: http://SallyLeeByTheSea.com

    Happy Holidays!

  14. I have a very good friend who lives in Germany. She use to live here in America but had to go back due to her husbands job. I miss her so much and miss all the wonderful things she taught me about her culture. I love your tree!

  15. Girl, your room belongs in Southern Living Magazine! It's gorgeous and thank you for letting us enjoy it!!!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!!!
    It's so beautiful~

  16. LOVING the vintage appeal of your tree!

    Take care,

  17. Hi! This is just all so gorgeous! You did a fabulous job and it may be one of the few trees that looks just as pretty without the lights turned on. I especially love the pic of it reflected in the armoire mirror. Beautiful! I wanted to let you know that I am going to be featuring your mantel at the Inspiration Friday party this week so be sure to stop by! :-)

  18. I love all your vintage ornaments! Your tree placed next to that beautiful piano...stunning!

  19. It's all so beautiful, that armoire oh la la!

  20. Your home and decorations are so lovely! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments!

  21. I love ornaments from family passed on for generations. Unfortunately I inherited none. Love the tree reflected in the armoire.

    Such an elegant room.


  22. Your tree and room/home is just gorgeous! I LOVE it next to the piano. Oh how beautiful! The armoire is awesome, too!

  23. What a beautiful tree! I love the unique ornaments! Great job!

  24. How nice to have memories to bring out at Christmas time. A beautiful tree and ornaments in a beautiful room!

  25. Your tree is so lovely...esp. with all the heirloom ornaments. Love it. And my what a gorgeous armoire that is in the background!

    Following too!

  26. One of the great things about attending parties is meeting new people and I am so happy to meet you through the Tree Party. Your tree is beautiful and so is the lovely setting of your living room...gorgeous armoire and piano! Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday season.


  27. Thanks so much for stopping by Town and Country Mom! I love your tree--sweet, sweet decorations. Happy to have found your blog!

  28. Your tree is just gorgeous... and I love all of those adorable Christmas ornaments!!!
    Blessings~~ Daphne

  29. Gorgeous! I love it all!

  30. What a gorgeous tree and setting, just wonderful ornaments, thanks so much for linking up with VIF!!

  31. Your home looks so festive, warm and inviting. Beautiful tree!

  32. Love your tree! The pic with the reflection in the armoire is my favorite!
    Tammy :-)

  33. Hello Honey,
    Beeing German I was attracted and touched to see the words "O Tannenbaum" under the picture of your Christmas tree on Sharon's blog.
    How lovely to know that even in Texas this old song from the Leipzig Organist Ernst Anschuetz, 1824, is known!
    Will send you the full text per email.

    I love all your Christmas images, lovely 'oldfashion'!
    Best wishes - Karin J. Périgord-South West France

    P.S. Just about to create my own blog, still battling with it and therefor not widely published yet.

  34. Hi Honey! Thanks for your nice comment, your tree is so great with all of those wooden ornaments! Seeing those and hearing about your grandma made me wonder if you have one of those wooden candle...??? the name for it slips my memory...my uncle used to live in Germany and brought back these little table top, handmade candle things- you'd light the candles and the wooden fan or paddles at the top would turn. They were all hand made- little wooden people or scenes at the base that would also turn with the motion of the paddles...ugh! I wish I could remember the name of those! Beautiful anyway. I saw a few at Home Goods a few weeks ago- VERY expensive even marked down there!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  35. Your home is gorgeous as is your decor, love all the tiny touches in your tree trimming decor. Have a wonderful weekend!

  36. Beautiful tree...the piano is amazing. My husband is a musician and would so love to play it. I enjoyed my visit and plan to return when I have more time to poke in the corners.

  37. Honey,
    Goodness!! What a gorgeous tree! LOVE that piano!!

    Debbie @ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas

  38. Absolutely beautiful!!! Your tree is glorious and I am loving that armoire too!- thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  39. What a beautiful tree! I love your collection of vintage ornaments. Hope you have a nice weekend :) Tricia

  40. Wow! Your living room is so elegant, with that lovely tree and grand piano! What a wonderful place to spend Christmas!

  41. What a gorgeous room! Your tree is beautiful, and I love all of those wonderful old ornaments. That armoire and your piano are gorgeous. I really enjoyed seeing your tree and your room. laurie

  42. Hi! It is so nice to meet you and enjoy your beautiful home.. I was blown away by all your gorgeous decorations. Thank you for following my blog.. I am now a follower of yours..hugs ~lynne~

  43. I am so glad you linked this beautiful post to Favorite Things Saturday. Thank you. laurie

  44. What a beautiful tree! I especially like the little book ornaments. Your home looks lovely and the window treatment is very elegant. So happy I have discovered your blog! Annie

  45. Hello, and thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment. It is always great to make new friends.
    What a beautiful room! Your tree is so pretty and the piano is just lovely.

  46. What a lovely home ! So elegant, yet cozy at the same time - just beautiful !

    Thank you for visiting Lavender Hill and following our adventures there...
    I'll be following yours for sure !

    thanks for sharing,

  47. Beautiful and Romantic too Honey! That chandelier is so elegant and pretty over the piano. I love your tree and your special ornaments. What a treasure. Happy Holidays to you.

  48. what a gorgeous home! I have gathered so much inspiration here. thank you for stopping by my place too, I am now a reader and a loyal follower!


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