Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Potpourri Concoction

 I make my own personal concoction of potpourri, but using larger botanicals instead of smaller pieces which we tend to think of  scented potpourri as being.  

The components were purchased in bulk which I packaged and labeled myself to sell in my store and use as gifts.

The starting point is rose hips which I flavor with orange and spice essential oils.
After the fragrances meld  together, I  
use 1-1/2 cups of rose hips in the bottom of each sack, and then pile the botanicals on top.

 Included are dried artichokes, pomegranates
 and quince 

Red ripen flowers, cedar roses, lotus pods

Plumosem stars and protea flowers along with a few others

It's both fragrant and abundant with Fall
 color as well!

This is my starting point as it's a bit difficult to think about Fall decorating when it's 104 outside.

Until next time, Honey


  1. I really like those choices! They are just a little unexpected and much more interesting. ~ Maureen

  2. it is!!!!!!
    I think we are all ready for fall!!!!!

  3. So pretty! I like using the larger pieces as well rather than the smaller potpourri bags. I can almost smell your Fall fragrance from here! My favorite candle fragrance of all time is a Fall scent.

  4. Honey, this is so pretty! I bet it smells wonderful!! I love the combinations that you chose. The colors are beautiful!

  5. i keep scratching my monitor because it looks SO pretty and i just KNOW it smells sooooooooo good if i scratch and sniff and scratch and sniff...

    :) you're making me wish for temps below 1239million degrees...


  6. Honey, these are absolutely gorgeous! I would love to have a bunch of these in my own home, for gifts and to sell in my store. I wouldn't even know where to begin to purchase all that stuff ~ yours are the nicest I've ever seen! LOVE them!! Shelly

  7. That is beautiful potpourri!

  8. Beautiful potpourri! All the things you used I love the pomagranates and sunflowers and orange slices.



  9. that is very nice and think it's pretty also like it in the container you have it in also

    I agree it is entirely to hot to think FALL

  10. The photos are so gorgeous I can almost smell it! Bring on Autumn! Im ready!

  11. Oh, that is so much prettier than all the little chips used in most potpurri. You might not want to share (since you make this to sell in your store) but do you add scent to this mix of botanicals? Your photos are just beautiful. I was thinking this morning what to use to get the Summer stuff put away but not put out Halloween yet...your post is good inspiration.

  12. Thanks for the inspiration Honey! I hope you don't mind me using your idea as a jumping point. I am not a teeny pouch of potpourri girl and this sounds fantastic. Dried orange and apple slices! A fabulous fall hostess gift.
    I agree tho. It is tough to think of fall when my AC keeps coming on.

  13. Fall in Florida is the best kind. I am your newest follower, even if I only like summer weather!

  14. What gorgeous photos of your potpourri, Honey--I love them! The compote that you used for your potpourri is very beautiful.

  15. Honey, That is great potpourri! I can almost smell it. The photos are great as well, great colors. Hugs, Ginger

  16. would love to make for church bazaar! what are your sources?

  17. Beautiful combination of shapes and colors! I'm ready for fall, but haven't changed any decor yet.

  18. I love the urn you used for displaying such beautiful and fragrance, (I'm sure) potpourri..and the fall colours are lovely, warm and inviting. I love Autumn!

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