Thursday, August 2, 2012

Some Reminders

Welcome to August!  July just flew by, didn’t it!  

Just wanted to remind you of Potpourri Friday!  Link-up 
begins on Thursday afternoon and there are oodles 
f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s  features!
Hope you will join the party, and bring a friend too!

Also, hope you will register for the Giveaway.  It’s easy, no jumping through hoops or anything like that.   The winner will receive their choose of  one of five  styles of the adorable glass bottle cheese platters!  Here are just two of the five!

See you there!  Honey


  1. I can't believe that it is august! Summer has been great! Have a great thursday/

  2. I can't believe it is August either. I have to admit I looking foward to the fall though.


  3. Yes, June and July have flown by! But summer's not over yet:) Happy August!

  4. Where did the summer go. Still enjoying the long summer nights though. Have a great Thursday! Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comments.


  5. just wanted to let you know you won my giveaway!!!
    please send me your address, my email is on my sidebar

  6. So much eye candy! I love all the cottagey look, Honey...Christine

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