Thursday, November 3, 2011

Urn with Pumpkin

Pumpkins and gourds are just so easy and fun to decorate with.  Here is one of the ways I used pumpkins outdoors.

 I am fortunate to have several iron urns and pedestals.  Well, actually I have 2 less urns than pedestals now because they were stolen by a woman in a black car with her lights off in my circular driveway who I almost caught loading them into her trunk.  I saw her though the window, but couldn’t get to the front porch in time to save them.  They had been there,   unmolested, for about  15 years.

If you  find her , will you please tell her that “thou shalt not steal”, and to please return them to the rightful owner.

They have  have beautiful details and have aged  gracefully into a rich patina of  both rich and  partially washed out blue, gray and white.   For Fall,  they were dressed with pumpkins and vines. 

Until next time, Honey


  1. You are blessed they're gorgeous and especially with the contrast of the color of the pumpkins! How brazen! This wonderful to connect to Kindred Spirits who reinforce your faith!
    God Bless,

  2. Honey, these are just scrumptious! I cannot believe someone could do that! yikes, I wouldn't want to be her! xoxo

  3. Your urns have such wonderful detail! I can't believe someone was so bold as to do that!!!

  4. Aren't people amazing. We have the opposite at our house, people dump things all the time. This week it was a blue toilet if you can imagine.

    Your urns look amazing and I love the pumpkins!

  5. I just hate it that someone stole your gorgeous urns. Bad woman in the black car...shame on her!!!
    I love the way you used the wreath on the top and the pumpkin. Simply elegant.
    What will you do with them for Christmas?

  6. Love the urns with the pumpkin. I hope the stolen urn fell on the woman's foot when she unloaded them. Oops did I say that? Jennifer

  7. Love the color combo of the pumpkin and urn!!
    xo Cathy

  8. Beautiful urn, but I can't believe how shameless some people are!

  9. These are beautiful, Honey. Shame on that woman!


  10. I acn't believe that someone would be SO brazen to come into your DRIVEWAY and STEAL your urns!!!!!!!! That is horrible. I love the beautiful urns and the great patina thye have gotten. XO, Pinky

  11. So sorry about your beautiful urns. I think I would post pictures on telephone poles like people do around here for missing pets! Have you seen this dog, cat etc. Have you seen this urn?

    The lady probably hurt her back lifting them and will be sorry she took your urns.

  12. I'm a pretty good shot. We could have, at least, blown a tire! LOL!
    My husband is a police officer and this kind of thing happens more often than you would think. *sigh* Karma can be such a mother, though!

  13. Honey what gorgeous urns and I adore the colour! Of course I am an urn addict! How on earth do people manage that? I have had an enourmous pot plant stolen from my drive which must have been very heavy! Can you believe it?


  14. Wow! I hope this gets around and someone finds them! I can't believe she came into your driveway and stole them!!

  15. That is a spectacular urn! Beautiful photos!


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